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Apache DDLUtils is a small but very useful library for migrating data and translating SQL schemas from one SQL database to another. DDLUtils includes support for an impressive list of SQL dialects, including all the major commercial and open-source RDBMS products.

The DDLUtils project provides a jar file containing the library code and a set of Ant tasks that use the library to perform common tasks – exporting a schema from a live database to a text file, and importing a schema from a text file to a live database. I haven’t written an Ant XML build file for several years, and after some time away I find the Ant XML very verbose and cumbersome to work with.

SQLFire and Spring Roo

SQLFire is an exciting new member of the VMware vFabric family, joining the likes of tc Server, GemFire, Hyperic, and RabbitMQ. SQLFire provides an in-memory high-performance data fabric with a familiar SQL interface.

Chris Harris wrote a series of blog entries about getting starting with SQLFire, using Grails to quickly generate a test application. In the same spirit as Chris’ articles, this posting will show the steps for creating a simple Spring Roo application that uses SQLFire for data persistence.